Baldwinsville, NY

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Spring Work Out Challenge!!!


** Always start workouts with 5-10 minutes stretching.


     1. Motivational goal setting for the week: Write down a goal you have for yourself for the week.


     2. Wall Ball / Bounce back exercises (challenge yourself - only successful catches count for reps!)


3rd – 6th Graders:

Strong hand throw & catch 25 reps (cradle for control) – See video #1 & #2

Weak hand throw & catch 15 reps (cradle for control)

Strong hand quick stick throw & catch 25 reps (no cradle)

Weak hand quick stick throw & catch 15 reps (no cradle)

One hand throw & catch 10 reps right / 10 reps left – move right hand toward top of stick.  (Increase wrist and forearm strength.)  See video #1 & #2

Throw & catch with face dodge. – See video #3

15 reps Right / 15 reps Left

Right/Left back of stick throw 10 to 15 reps each – Literally throw & catch with backside of stick.  Focus on precise throw/catch/cradle with minimal pocket depth.  See video #1

Back hand catch and throw 10 – 15 reps each – See video #1 & #2

Right/Left Twizzlers 10 – See video #3

Choice – strong hand 15 to 20 reps.  Move back from wall or bounce back.  Put some zip on the throw!

Choice – weak hand 15 to 20 reps.  Ditto above!!


Reminders: Aim for one spot (use a piece of scotch tape as a marker,) eyes up, head up, stick high, move your feet, rotate shoulders, and snap wrists, catch ball head high/ear high!


      1. - Taylor Cummings Wall Ball Routine!!


      2. - Dick’s Sporting Goods Wall Ball instructional.


      3. - Wall ball with face dodge.


      4. - How to Twizzlers to Wall Ball!!






     1.“Deliver the Mail” Sprint & Jog with stick and ball:

          Sprint two mailboxes and jog 4 mailboxes. Do this for 20 minutes


     2. Burpees:

          2 sets of 15


     3. Speed Hurdles with and without stick – 5 reps through each motion as seen in video.


     4. Cool down with basic stick cradling – solid stick cradling instructional basics. 

         Spend 5-10-15 minutes for lack of a better term “dribbling around the yard.”



Move at a comfortable pace.  No need to do this work out in one session.  Break down into manageable pieces. 


Most importantly – HAVE FUN!!