Baldwinsville, NY

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What grades can participate in Baldwinsville Youth Lacrosse?
Boys and Girls in grades K-6 grades can play in the BYL. Grades K-2 will play in our clinic/house program. Grade 3-6 will participate in the Upstate Lacrosse Association (ULA), which offer 9-10 games for our teams either home or away against neighboring towns.  Players will need to provide their own equipment and must have a ULA team color jersey.  Open registration for Boys 9-10 program until June 30.
What is the K-2 clinic/house program?      
Boys and Girls in grades K-2 will play in our clinic program.  Boys will play separately from the girls. Clinic teams will practice 1-2 days per week during the "season". Coaches will determine practices days/times.  They will learn the fundamentals of Lacrosse (pass, catch, cradle, shoot, etc…). Depending on availability, scrimmages will be set up with other area programs later in the season.
How are the teams broken up?
Boys and Girls grades K-2 - Clinic program 
Boys grades 3-4
Boys grades 5-6
Girls grades 3-4  
Girls grades 5-6      
Depending on the number of coaches and players registered the board of directors will determine how many teams we have by grade level.
**Teams are typically based on school attended.
**Siblings that are in the same grade bracket WILL be assigned to the same team for your convenience.

Refund Policy? 
Your childs registration fees are non-refundable once registration is complete.  Refunds requested during registration will be refunded less any processing fees.
What equipment is required and where do I get it?
Boys must have: helmet, mouth piece, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, athletic supporter with cup and a stick.
Girls must have: a stick; gloves, mouthpiece and eye protection.
Cleats for grass are recommended.
 Local vendor: Dicks Sporting Goods
Do I have to purchase new equipment?
No, you do not have to purchase new equipment. Your coaches can help determine if your equipment is safe, fits properly and is in good condition.  Boys can also utilize hockey equipment if they wish.
What about uniforms? 
Uniforms are required for each player, and can be purchased during the online registration process. Players can re-use there jersey year after year...
When is the Season?
Lacrosse is a spring season sport usually starting in late May/June and runs through end of July. Field availability conditions will determine how early we can start the season.  Coaches will contact parents / players by mid to late May. If weather permits, an earlier start is possible.
Can my child play more than one summer sport?      
Some children do participate in more than sport per season, so it is understandable you may miss one or two games or practices. If you know you will miss more than that please do not sign up for Summer BYL program.  
Who will we play?
Boys & Girls in grades 3-6 will play teams in the Upstate Lacrosse Association  which include teams from Onondaga, Oswego & Cortland County.
Can my son or daughter play up if they have lots of experience?
No, we require that each child plays with their current grade. Depending on number of registered players we may request some kids to move up 1-grade level to fill a team. This is only done with Board approval. Players may not play for two different teams or two different grade levels.
What day will my son/daughter games be?
3/4's play on Mondays
5/6’s play on Tuesdays
Game times will be announced but they are usually between 5:30 and 7:30 pm
**2021 will vary from this due to location restrictions**
When will we have game schedules?
Game schedules usually come out the first week of June and every team competing in the ULA will participate in opening weekend, which is the second weekend in June.
Can I still sign up for ULA after the cutoff date?
Only if one of our teams has an open roster spot and the player pay’s the $20.00 late registration fee.  Registration typically runs the month of March.
Will we play home games?
Yes, we usually have at least one game per summer at home which is held at Ray Middle School.
**2021 Home games will be held at Lysander Park**
When does my child's team practice?
Practices will be assigned by the coaches and will be posted once rosters are selected.
Where do we practice?
Teams will practice at one of the following sites: Ray Middle, Durgee Jr High, Kerri Hornaday Park, Drakes Landing Park and Morning Dove Field **2021 Season will take place at Lysander Park**
Is there contact in Lacrosse?
Body contact (body checking) is not permitted in ULA. Although, lacrosse is a contact sport and players should expect incidental body contact. For Boys lacrosse, controlled stick checking is allowed at all levels. In Girls lacrosse, minimal stick checking is permitted at older levels.
What about the weather?
Weather can and will effect games and practices from time to time. You can find the ULA Inclement Weather Policy link by clicking the Weather Safety tab in the left hand column. 
This is a quick description of our program and I am sure that certain questions have not been answered.  If you have any additional questions please send us an email.
*FYI - Due to lack of participation at the 7-8 level, it has been eliminated from this program