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Baldwinsville Youth Lacrosse Concussion Management Policy

The recognition and treatment of youth sports participants who have suffered a concussion has become a national priority. As a result of an increasing number of studies that have revealed that concussions, not properly treated, can result in permanent physical and cognitive deficits, including learning disabilities. The data also suggests that concussions can lead to the development of dementia and other long-term issues earlier than expected. These risks have led the Baldwinsville Youth Lacrosse (BYL) to develop policies related to sports concussion that are consistent with the current recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Recovery from a concussion may require limitation of physical activity, especially sports activity such as practice, drills, games and physical education classes. In significantly symptomatic youth sports participants, mental activity may also need to be limited cognitively to allow the brain time to heal.

To better manage instances of concussion in our sports programs, the BYL requires the following:

1. All coaches must complete annual training in the area of current concussion management practices and provide proof to the BYL Board of Directors prior to the start of each sports season. The training should include up-to-date information on the identification of concussion, the signs and symptoms associated with the injury, the risks involved with allowing youth sports participants to continue to play while symptomatic, methods of concussion assessment and the importance of gradual return to play practices. Training may be completed here:

2. Information about sports-related concussion will be provided to parents about concussion prior to the start of each sports season and parents will be asked to provide written acknowledgment of receiving such information prior to their child(ren) being allowed to participate in any sport activity.

3. Prior to the start of every sport season, parents will receive educational materials about the risks of concussion prevalent in each sport, how to identify the signs and symptoms associated with concussion, along with the potential risks involved with playing while symptomatic. Parents will also be informed about the BYL concussion policy.

4. If, during a practice or a game, a youth sports participant sustains a concussion or exhibits the signs, symptoms or behaviors of concussion, the youth sport participant must be removed from all sport activity. The youth sport participant may not return to any practice or game activity until he/she is evaluated by a licensed health care professional trained in the evaluation and management of concussion (i.e., physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, athletic trainer, or Sport-Certified Physical Therapist). The youth sport participant must provide written clearance from that provider prior to the athlete being allowed to return to participation. The BYL youth sports director will keep evidence of all written clearance forms on file for a period no shorter than seven (7) years.

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